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The honour of sharing your table inspires us every day!

Original desserts for all occasions, mouthwatering creations for all tastes, and health-conscious recipes—these are the ingredients of success at Sélection du Pâtissier, which created its Research & Development Department in 1997 and whose numerous efforts have helped it become a leader in the Canadian market and remain at the top year after year.

Sélection du Pâtissier has also developed mouthwatering desserts that are a source of fibre and trans fat free in response to consumer health concerns. This same business philosophy was behind the creation of the Quality Control Department, where conscientious professionals inspect all Sélection du Pâtissier products according to industry standards.

No hydrogenated oils

In order to satisfy growing demands, Sélection du Pâtissier has taken the initiative of eliminating hydrogenated oils from many of its products. Our team of professionals has worked tirelessly and carefully to analyze each ingredient used in each of our products to eliminate hydrogenated oils from 90% of our deluxe pastries. Here is the result of our hard work.